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A General Clean
-what's included-

A General clean is what you will typically get on every visit.  Our cleaners are equipped with all necessary to attend to your cleaning needs, however if there is any particular products or equipment that you would prefer used at your home, please leave these out for your cleaner to use.  Your cleaner will strive to complete all tasks on this list, however sometimes circumstances or time may not allow them to get to everything.  Rather than compromising the quality of the clean they will prioritise areas according to your preferences or may alternate certain areas each visit.  This may be due to time restraints, longer time lapse between cleans or capped pricing restrictions.

General areas


- With damp cloth wipe all surfaces

- Wipe plantation blinds *

- Dust all areas 

- Vacuum skirting boards *

- Clean light switches 

- Wipe fingerprints on walls *

- Wipe bedside tables/dressers/ bookshelves/

coffee tables/ tv stands

- Wipe window sills

- Check for fingerprints on back door

- Clean dining table and put up chairs

- Tidy up couches and fluff up or rearrange cushions.


- Disinfect kitchen bench

- Wipe down all cupboards and drawers

- Wipe out inside bin cupboard

- Windex splash back making sure to leave no streaks

- Clean inside and out of microwave 

- Clean walk-in pantry

- Wipe down fridge and dishwasher leaving no streaks


- Vacuum all areas and tidy as you go (within reason)


-Clean Bathroom/ Powder/ Ensuite

- Clean and disinfect basins and toilet then wipe clean

- Wipe mirrors

- Check shower and bath tub for use and clean accordingly

- Scrub shower including base, tapware, tiles and glass

- Rinse off and squeegee, then wipe dry.


- Disinfect and wipe clean benchtop and sink

- Wipe down cupboards


- Wipe handrail

- Check glass for fingerprints


-Mop out using boiling water and dishwashing liquid or floor cleaner.

* indicates items that may be missed or attended to every second visit if time allocation is insufficient. 

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