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Frequently Asked Questions

13.  What happens if the cleaner breaks something?

We understand that even though we try our very best to be mindful of our surroundings and be extra careful with clients homes, that sometimes items may break.  We ask all our cleaners in these cases to take a picture of the item with an explanation as to how it happened and if they are able to, we ask that the leave you a note.  They will then  otify us of the incident and we will also contact you directly to apologise and in most cases offer to fix or replace the item.  

14. What if I don't have parking available for the cleaner?

We require parking to be available for our cleaners.  They are bringing in their own equipment and supplies and close parking is a necessity.  Please advise prior to your clean if there is private parking that the cleaner can access or a parking permit that they can use whilst at your home.  Any parking costs or infringement notices will be billed to you or added to your invoice.  Please note that if parking is unavailable and the cleaner has spent  up to 10 minutes searching for a spot, the clean will be cancelled and ta cancellation fee of $30 will be issued.  

15. What if I am not happy with my clean?

We appreciate any feedback from clients weather it be positive or negative.  If you are unsatisfied with you clean, we ask that you contact us immediately with detail of the concerned areas and relevant photos.  We will endevour to do a re-clean of those areas within 2-4 days or organise a appropriate discount on your service if the re-clean does not suit.

16. Can I change my scheduled day/time?

If you ever need to make changes to your scheduled booking, weather it be a one off change or permanent one, we ask that you do this in writing either by email or text.  We will make the necessary changes if we are able to according to the cleaners current schedule or suggest a alternative cleaner.  If we cant offer the change at that particular time we would put you on a wait list for that specific day and or time requested.

17.  Do you clean under/ behind furniture?

We will move small items or furniture and we will vacuum and mop under beds and couches however will will not attempt to move heavy furniture.  This is due to the high risk of damaging floors and also hurting ourselves in the process.

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