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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you charge for the clean?

Prior to starting your cleans we always come out and see the home to be able to quote it accordingly.  We speak to you about your priorities and what exactly you want out of the service.  Based on this we can guestimate the amount of time required for the clean.  

However, sometimes our cleaners may be faced with a bigger task than what is usual and the time spent may exceed the time allocated.  We always round up to the nearest 30min mark where reasonable.  

2. Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, even though we charge $60ph + gst we do have a minimum charge of $120+gst for up to 2hrs.  

3. What is included in the general clean?

A general clean includes a basic tidy up, full kitchen clean including the faces of cupboards and appliances, benchtops, stove top, backsplash, inside and out of microwave, clean out sink and looking for fingerprints on fridge.  A light dust and vacuum of all areas.  Full bathroom clean including scrubbing and disinfecting tiles, glass, basin, toilet and bathtub, rinsing off and wiping dry.  Mopping out all hard floors with boiling water and disinfectant floor cleaner.

See General clean -what's included - page for more details 

3. What is NOT included in the general clean?

Due to time restraints and clients booked in we do not include such items as oven cleans, ironing, or laundry, emptying and restacking dishwashers unless discussed prior to the clean and time allocation has been approved.  

5. How are payments made?

Payments can be made via Stipe which will be a link attached to the invoice email or via bank transfer. 

Bank details are on the invoice.  

6. Are there late fees for overdue invoices?

Yes, we send out invoices on the day of the clean with a 3 day period to pay.  after 7 days of the initial invoice sent we will resend the invoice with an overdue notice.  If the invoice is still unpaid after 10 days of the initial invoice, a $5 late fee will be issued and the invoice will be sent out again.  This will continue every week thereafter until the invoice is paid.  

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