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Frequently Asked Questions

7. Are there cancellation fees?

We ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel a clean however we understand that sometimes this is not the case.  We prefer at least 24hrs notice.  If the cleaner is on their way or within 3hrs of the cleans scheduled time, we will charge a $30 cancellation fee.  

8. How do I cancel a clean?

Every Saturday prior to your clean we will send out a confirmation text. You simply reply to this text with a Yes or No.  You can also text or call us at any time to cancel your clean.

9. Do I need to be home during the clean?

No, this is entirely up to you. You can be there for the clean, you can open up and then leave, or not be there at all. All our cleaners are police checked and we trust that they are capable of conducting the clean accordingly.  Most of our clients use a lock box on the premises that contains a key to the property.  This is our preferred procedure as it allows for substitute cleaners to access the property if the usual cleaner is unavailable.  

Please note however that our cleaners will work most efficiently when the home is empty of people and pets are placed outside.

10. Will I have the same cleaner/time allocated for each clean?

Yes, Once we have booked you in to our calendar we will assign you to a cleaner and a time allocation.  On occasion the time may vary due to other cancellations however the cleaner will almost always stay the same.  If your usual cleaner is unavailable will will try and reschedule with your assigned cleaner, if this is not possible but another cleaner is available, we will then offer you a substitute cleaner.  

11. Do you provide services during school holidays?

School holidays are always a tricky time for our staff as well as clients.

Most of our cleaners are mums with school age kids who may not be equipped to work during school holidays.  In these cases we will try and assign their cleans to other cleaners.  A lot of clients also go away or also find it hard to juggle cleans and school holidays and therefore cancel during this time. 

We close up for summer holidays usually just before Christmas and then come back by the second week of January.  Each cleaners schedule will differ again depending on their circumstances.   

12. Do I need to provide anything?

No. Our cleaners will arrive with everything they require for the clean.  Unless of course there is a certain product you would like them to use specifically on certain furniture or floors. For example wood floor cleaner, leather polish, wood polish for timber furniture, Enyo products.  If this is the case, please leave out for them to use.

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